Group of companies EDO1 Ltd. – a multidisciplinary association of light industry companies, each of which is a separate brand. Literally “touch to the whole” Old Slavic letter “EDO” The second component – “1”, an innovative way to achieve these goals. A name reflects the core mission – Innovation in large high performance .In the history of its development in 2011, the key to success is and remains the social oriented approach to business. By creating new workplaces, production of competitive domestic products and implementation of joint projects within the framework of the government program of import substitution, to promote the development of the Russian economy as a whole.

In 2011, it was decided to establish a knitwear production-oriented business structure and souvenirs format B2B. One of the first and fundamental in the list EDO1 Group Ltd. was the Russian production company called IVI (Production of Knitwear). At present, the company has its own production facilities, advanced equipment and uses high-quality raw materials. A full range of services for the production of knitwear, from market research and development of design models to the production and packaging of finished products.

The rapid increase in the volume of products and the need for constant availability of the yarn in the warehouses of the company, contributed to the establishment of direct supply of raw materials with the largest silk factory of the CIS and other countries. From 2013 as part of the EDO1 Group Ltd. begins to function Yarn Center, whose activities are linked to the wholesale distribution of high-quality yarns with the patented composition for machine knitting. It is a service for the dyeing of yarns in corporate colors for the order and provides an exact match with the corporate brand book.

In 2014, due to the constant demand for textile products manufacturers of brand jerseys FormaTEX company was founded. Sewing workshop is based on the production capacity of the company IVI (Production of Knitwear ), has established itself as a reliable partner. Whereas experience in advertising and souvenir sector and certain areas of knowledge, the company to market the form of advertising, corporate clothing has quickly entered what in the initial phase has achieved the recognition. Production of branded products of any complexity production with optimal application technology is a key activity of the company.

Regular participation in international exhibitions and constant monitoring of the global trends of fashion was the impetus for a new project format B2C under the brand «ecopooh».

Today, with our partners, many leading national and international companies, public authorities and representatives of small and medium enterprises. We value our reputation and appreciate the well-deserved trust!


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